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Auxilium Health


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Cost-effective healing powered by infection-sensing and infection-preventing bio-based polymers, enhancing sustainability and simplifying the healing process for hard-to-heal wounds.

Our Wound Care Technology

wound care technology


Our wound care technology is made from bio-based materials that promote healing.


Being able to absorb over fifty times its weight, our material manages exudate like no other.


When in contact with bio-film, our microstructure kills and prevents it from reforming.


With naturally integrated compounds, our wound care product actively senses infection and visually alerts if detected.


Meet the Founders

Isaiah Kaiser, PhD (1).jpg

Isaiah Kaiser

Chief Executive Officer

Isaiah is an accomplished PhD graduate from the University of Akron who has been dedicated to the field of advanced materials for over half a decade. 

4H4A9603 (1).jpg

Aparna Agrawal

Chief Technical Officer

Aparna is a PhD graduate of Polymer Engineering from the University of Akron and is an expert in polymeric materials, having worked in the field for close to a decade.

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